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  • Blueprint

    Looking For A Viable Business Foundation? Great! If you want to get clear on specifically what type of offer or information based product (#music #art #philosophy) you could create surrounding your niche, we suggest this 11:11 Onboarding Experience.

    This extremely valuable, yet relatively inexpensive, offer along with our Practical Implementation Action Plan will help you get clear on the direction you are heading not only so you are laser focused, but also so you get your online business foundation up and running ASAP! This is the perfect package to “hand hold” you step-by-step allowing you create what we call a “Viable Foundation” to move your business, brand, or passion based revenue stream forward via split testing!

  • Traffic

    You need an online “home” to send traffic to. #ViableFoundation

    This should never be social media. Social Media is a way to communicate, engage, gain traffic, but not host content. It’s a place to repurpose content as a tease so people click through to your brand’s website experience.

    This is why we create your Viable Foundation first! You are clear at this point, so you know what direction you heading. Now it’s just committing to the daily action steps (#JoinTheAlliance) to increase the chances of constant business growth! Learn how to systemically increase results in the Alliance!

  • Leads

    When you Join the Locus Alliance, you get access to a community of like-minded individuals seeking to help others and grow! The first item we assign you is homework before granting you direct access to the community.

    When you prove you have competed your homework, which will also help to create your daily “non-negotiable checklist,” only then will access be granted! This community will help you stay accountable, stay split testing, and stay in the constant headspace of self improvement and business improvement.

  • Sales

    Once you have a clear understanding, a viable foundation, and a daily non-negotiable checklist, you should be systematically increasing results on a regular basis until you produce sales. Only then once sales are produced, we grant access to to Offer Oasis, your product creation Masters Class. This is where we create your and continuously improve your course until the refund rate is low and customer satisfaction is high!

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